Some individuals are perhaps comfortable with Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or Outlook as their email providers. This is fine as a personal account, however when it comes to using it for your business then it is not the best of choice.

Our in-house hosting packages come with the option of creating numerous email addresses associated with the domain name that is registered on your behalf. Creating branded emails does not have to be complex.

What is a branded email address?

A branded email address is simply the brand name of your company as an overall brand. So, if your company consists of multiple employees, they will each have their own email address, if required based on the position/role within your organisation.

Here are a few reasons why you should use a branded email address:

Recognised Consistency

It is of utmost importance that the brand name and email addresses be the same to avoid any confusion. It is highly advised to use a consistent name across web and email to group everything together. Your brand needs to speak one voice to your prospects!

You appear organised

A branded email address for each department within your business shows that you are organised. When people need to contact a specific department, they will have the accessible contact right at hand.

Legitimacy is key

Having a branded email address helps build customer trust. Email addresses that work consistently in alignment with your brand appears to be legitimate.

Association of the brand

Your prospects, readers and viewers will instantly recognise that there is an association with the brand, which makes it professional. Receiving an email from a branded email address name will eliminate questions.

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